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Counselling for families in Kensington.

Parents often ask for a consultation because they are having difficulties agreeing on how to parent or are worried about one or more of their children. In some cases the best option is to take time to reflect on the relationship between the couple who have parenting responsibilities (please see relationship counselling).

This service is sensitive to different family compositions and cultural backgrounds. The parents can be married, unmarried, in a civil partnership, divorced, straight, gay, lesbian, or transgender.

In family counselling, all of the family attends, even if it is felt that the problem seems restricted within two individuals. This because every member of the family adopts a particular role within the system and it is very difficult to understand a family problem unless everyone’s contribution (or lack of) is taken into account.

An initial 50 minute consultation is attended by the whole family. If you are concerned about how to communicate the purpose of the meeting to younger children we can discuss this over the phone. The initial meeting will be an opportunity to explore the problems in depth and may be followed by a few more 50 minute meetings in order to gain further clarity regarding the best way forward.