Kensington Counselling is sensitive to the challenges of having a new baby and can assist with issues such as postnatal depression or emotional difficulties during pregnancy. A couple who wishes to think more about having a baby can benefit from having additional support in doing so.

Have you been:

Feeling persistently low or sad and bursting into tears for no apparent reason?

Feel irritable and angry without knowing why?

Lost interest in things you used to enjoy or in the people around you?

Feeling tired a lot of the time?

It is important to keep in mind that in the first week or so after giving birth these symptoms can be a normal reaction to the hormonal changes that your body is going through. However, if these symptoms persist it is important to speak to your GP.

In my experience, many women who suffer PND endure it in silence because they are ashamed of the way they feel. They may have been looking forward to their baby and now find that they feel very little towards him or her and bonding is difficult. Other times they may feel angry at the baby which can be a source of intense guilt.

However, it is not only women who may struggle with the birth of a child. Men can also find the experience hard. Where mothers are the primary caregivers, men can be left feeling guilty about not doing enough for their partner or excluded from the relationship. A single parent with an inadequate support network may feel especially alone and overwhelmed.

Conceiving a baby using IVF or other methods, or adopting can also be a challenging experience. This is because a baby can present a challenge in the relationship as the couple now has to adjust to the presence of a third person, regardless of whether the parents are the same or different sex.

If you need to think about these or other issues not mentioned here please get in touch.