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Dr Nikos Tsigaras and Relationships in Mind provide psychological services based at 282 Earls Court Road, Kensington, SW5 9AS.


Please note that:

We keep information about you in order to provide you with a service, and to process payments for the service.
We cannot work with you unless you allow us to keep records.
We follow the law and the codes of practice set down by the HCPC and the BPS.
We have systems in place to protect your data.
You are entitled to request a copy of your data free-of-charge, and to have inaccurate information corrected.
You can complain to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) if you think that we are acting unlawfully: visit or phone 0303 123 1113.


What information do we keep?

We keep personal data, such as your name, address, phone number, next of kin and GP contact details. We also keep sensitive data e.g. notes from your sessions together, your gender, your social history.


Why do we keep this information?

Our professional registration requires us to keep information about our clients and the work that we do. We cannot offer you services unless you allow us to keep data about you and our work together, and we have a legitimate interest for keeping your data. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to do so. We are bound by the ethical and practical rules set by our professional regulatory bodies (the Health and Care Professions Council; HCPC, and the British Psychological Society, BPS).


 We use the data we collect for three reasons:

(1) to provide you with services,
(2) for billing and processing payments,
(3) to help prevent serious harm.

Some of our clients may feel vulnerable at times in their lives, and be at risk of harming themselves or be at risk of harm to / from others. In these circumstances, we need to be able to communicate effectively with other services such as GP surgeries or emergency care services, to keep these clients safe. This involves sharing of personal information on a need to know basis.


Who we might share personal information with?

We hold information about each of our clients and the therapy they receive in confidence. This means that we will not normally share your personal information with anyone else. However, there are exceptions to this when there may be need for liaison with other parties:

  • If you are referred by your health insurance provider, or otherwise claiming through a health insurance policy to fund therapy, then we will share appointment schedules with that organisation for the purposes of billing. We may also share information with that organisation to provide treatment updates.

In exceptional circumstances, we might need to share personal information with relevant authorities:

  • When there is need-to-know information for another health provider, such as your GP.
  • When disclosure is in the public interest, to prevent a miscarriage of justice or where there is a legal duty, for example a Court Order.
  • When the information concerns risk of harm to the client, or risk of harm to another adult or a child. We will discuss such a proposed disclosure with you unless we believe that to do so could increase the level of risk to you or to someone else.


How long do we keep your data for?

Your data is kept throughout your therapy and, in line with professional guidance, for 7 years after the work has ended.


Where do we store your data?

We keep your data on an offline encrypted drive.




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