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Are you anxious or feeling low? Do you struggle with your self-esteem? Do you feel like a failure and fear rejection and abandonment? Perhaps you have difficulties attracting or keeping partners and feel lonely & disconnected? Or you may struggle to know what you feel and find decisions paralysing.

Maybe from the outside you function well, but you sense that something is not quite right inside. You may have struggled for a very long time, unable to feel entirely safe in the world or even with yourself. You long to leave the past behind, and you crave meaningful, fulfilling connections.

Trauma is often at the heart of many relationship difficulties. My clients have often experienced adverse events such as childhood trauma or childhood emotional neglect. Abuse, bullying, and bereavement have often happened early in life. Even trauma stemming from accidents or natural disasters sets in because of a lack of relational support in its aftermath. 

Many people suffer due to changes at work such as restructuring, promotion, redundancy or new management. Experiences later in life for example moving to a new place or having a baby can often feel overwhelming due to unresolved childhood trauma. Many people have experienced oppression because of their race, sexuality, gender identity or being neurodivergent.

The Relationship & Trauma Psychologist is an established relationship counselling and trauma therapy clinic in Earls Court, Kensington, London founded by Dr Nikos Tsigaras. It is also an international online counselling service. I appreciate that healing from trauma requires depth of understanding, structure, psychoeducation, and clarity about healthy ways of coping.

I employ psychodynamic therapy which is often the treatment of choice for relationship and trauma-related difficulties. It involves identifying invisible patterns of relating to both others and ourselves, and processing trauma and neglect stemming from childhood experiences.

Many mental health difficulties are relationship problems, but do not appear as such at first. For example, depression is often the outcome of learning, very early on, that no matter what we do, we cannot get the love we crave for. Anxiety disorders often stem from healthy but suppressed emotions that were not safe to feel in the family, which are trying to break through. Worrying about social and work performance is common to many people; many of us have have learnt that being valued and loved by others is based on achievement.

Come and see me if you struggle with:


Addressing trauma and neglect and its effect on current relationships


Making romantic, family or professional relationships work


Making your relationship with yourself work (low-self esteem, lack of confidence, self-doubt)


Managing your anxiety (generalised, social, health, performance, panic attacks)


Managing your mood (depression, emptiness, boredom, agitation)

Our Approach

Is holistic and comprehensive, with a commitment to diversity


Places ethical engagement at the centre of the therapeutic relationship

Is ambitious and aims at deep, long-lasting change.

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Dr Nikos Tsigaras
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Senior counselling psychologist in London. Founder of the Relationship & Trauma Psychologist

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