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Relationships in Mind is both an online therapy and face to face counselling & psychology service based in Earls Court, Kensington. We provide individuals and couples with evidence based psychological therapy, and relationship & couples counselling. Come and see us if you struggle with:


Making romantic, family, or professional relationships work


Making your relationship with yourself work (low-self esteem, lack of confidence, self-doubt)


Addressing childhood trauma and its effect on current relationships


Managing your anxiety (generalised, social, health, performance, panic attacks, OCD)


Managing your mood (depression, emptiness, boredom, agitation)

Our Approach

Wholistic, comprehensive and context sensitive


Committment to offering a confidential and ethical service

Aim to promote deep, long-lasting change.

Psychology services

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Individual counselling & therapy

11 years of experience helping clients from all walks of life

Relationship & marriage counselling

Communicate better, connect better

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Articles and information on individual and couple well being

Who we are

11 years experience helping people achieve their goals

Dr Nikos Tsigaras
PsychD MSc MSc BSc

Senior Counselling Psychologist & Founder of Relationships in Mind

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Healthy relationships, Healthy selves

3 steps to quiet your inner critic

3 steps to quiet your inner critic

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How to choose the right partner

How to choose the right partner

Is it a bit like shopping? Few questions play on people's minds and popular media as much as this: How do I find the right partner? Many of us hope that if we know what makes a good partner we can spot a good deal. We research online. We quiz our mates about their...

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