Counselling Psychology Supervision

process based supervision london

Process-based clinical supervision

As a Counselling Psychologist in London with a strong foundation in attachment/psychodynamic therapy, I welcome clinicians working from different models who would like to better understand the dynamics in their relationships with their clients. I have also trained and practiced in humanistic and cognitive behavioural models so I am usually able to appreciate the framework you already work in. 

The benefits of working with process

I have found that most clinicians who do not habitually focus on the therapeutic relationship, often run into difficulty at some point, especially with complex clients. 

For example, starting the sessions with a ritual (e.g. feedback on homework, or thoughts/feelings during the last week) may obscure the fact that that a separation and a reunion between client and therapist have taken place. 

Providing firm structure or allowing for sessions to unfold organically, both have a different impact on a client’s mind and body. 


process based psychology supervision london
London counselling psychology supervision kensington

Response based clinical work

One of the most important skills to develop as a therapist is to attune yourself to your client’s often subtle responses to your interventions. Whether your intervention is ‘correct’ or not, may be less important than what your client does with it. Our implicit, procedural models of relationships with others are by definition unconscious.  

Working with diversity

Therapy models are mostly based on white, middle class, western European, heteronormative, ableist foundations. These structural aspects of the client-therapist relationship are often the hardest to know how to work with. 

An essential aspect of a counselling psychology identity/supervision is a commitment to think about and engage with how these variables manifest in the process. 


supervision working with diversity
fees counselling psychology supervision


I can offer online or face to face supervision at Earls Court, Kensington.

My fee is £150 for 50m or £270 for 90m. 



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Benefits of therapy

Increased self awareness
  • Discover your unique relationship models
  • Identify otherwise invisible patterns of thinking and feeling that lead to unhelpful behaviours
  • Explore your values and make decisions
Use your emotions
  • Turn your emotions into information
  • Identify your needs
  • Become the truest version of yourself
Improve your relationships
  • Connect
  • Communicate
  • Share
  • Become more assertive
  • Become more collaboartive
Reduce suffering
  • Reduce self-criticism
  • Reduce doubt
  • Reduce worry and rumination
  • Reduce a sense of meaninglesness