When I talk about relationship trauma, I use the term relatively broadly, and often refer to the experiences that my clients define as such, in my practice at Earls Court, Kensington. I mean any experience or experiences within a relationship which has a disruptive impact on our minds, our mental health, and our trust in the safety of relationships.

In romantic relationships, this could be psychological, physical, or sexual abuse. Infidelity Relationship trauma also occurs early in life, between a child and their primary caregivers. Although such trauma may occur due to abuse, there is also the ‘invisible trauma’ of neglect. This is difficult to diagnose in adults as it refers not to what happened, but what did not happen. 

The paradox is that, usually, the only way to recover from relationship trauma, is to have new, good experiences in relationships. The catch 22 is that the loss of trust in relationships prevents us from risking new, intimate relationships. This is why often therapy is needed, to establish a new, safe relationship which can restore our confidence in the world. 

If you are stuck and struggle to form new relationships, get in touch by emailing me at nikos.tsigaras@kensintgoncounselling.com. 07805945233 if you’re old fashioned.

Photo by Tim Marshall