questions about individual & relationship counselling


  • Terms such as “counsellor”, “therapist”, and “psychotherapist” are not legally protected titles in the UK and anyone can use them. “Counselling Psychologist” (Dr Nikos) and “Clinical Psychologist” are a protected titles, regulated by the Health and Care professions Council. A psychologist is a specialist in mental health and well-being that has trained at the highest level by completing a doctoral degree (it is usually a masters for psychotherapists and a diploma/certificate/bachelors for counsellors). It takes a minimum of 6-8 years to qualify as a Counselling Psychologist. You can check my registration details here.

    Psychologists (clinical & counselling mainly) have broad NHS experience which teaches them to help some of the most distressed and troubled people amongst us. They study the “science” of how the mind develops and how things can go wrong and train in the “art” of helping people overcome mental health difficulties an achieve well-being.  

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